Thank you for your support in mobilizing and producing urgently needed personal protective equipment. The information you have provided through the National Association of Manufacturers’ surveys has been invaluable to our initial response efforts and meeting the needs of frontline health care workers.

Now, as the country turns toward recovery and renewal, the demand for PPE will grow rapidly, not only from the health care sector but across all sectors of the economy. The use of PPE will be an essential part of “reopening” our economy, and the need will be extraordinarily high. Our initial modeling, for example, indicates a demand for 1 billion face coverings per month.

For that reason, the administration has issued a call to action to manufacturers to offer a clearer picture of how the private sector can meet this demand. This will inform government decision-making—including, perhaps, whether to invoke the Defense Production Act—and the private sector’s preparations. The NAM’s goal is to spur action to remove the barriers that would prevent you from meeting the overwhelming demand we all know is coming.

Please use the link below to provide us with your input. With so many unknowns, we want the best data possible. Your participation and thoughtful responses could make a profound difference. By understanding future PPE demand and supply, we can help ensure that the American free market rises up to meets this need, creating jobs and opportunity for innovative manufacturers, while protecting the lives and livelihoods of all Americans as they go back to work.

Please continue below to respond to this call to action


Jay Timmons

NAM President and CEO